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Two Important Reasons Why You Should Celebrate International Women’s Day 2013

Written by James on . Posted in Lifestyle

Womens dayInternational Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year on March 8th. There are two main reasons why you should celebrate international women’s day this year. These reasons revolve around recognizing the progress and continuing the fight for women’s rights. Most people today celebrate International Women’s Day for the wrong reasons because the media and marketeers have commercialised the celebrations to make profit. International Women’s day isn’t about selling popular attire and banners to make profit. It is time to appreciate where women have come from and continue the fight for womens empowerment. So why should you celebrate International Women’s Day this year ?

Avoid 5 Unhealthy Habits if you want to increase Life Expectancy

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Unhealthy habits to AvoidNo one wants to grow old however; it is an inevitable process in life. According to numerous surveys on aging and life expectancy, most people would like to stop aging at 25 years. It is impossible to stop aging, however it is possible to increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. You however need to practice healthy habits to increase your chances.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Weight Loss

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Facts You Need To Know About Weigh LossMany people struggle to lose weight worldwide. Some people try losing weight using diets alone while others incorporate physical activities into their weight loss efforts. Different people want to lose weight for different reasons. For instance, there are those who want to lose weight to become healthy, while there are those who want to lose weight to look good. Most people who want to lose weight because of looks tend to go to extremes. It is important to note that some weight loss techniques/methods aren’t safe. You shouldn’t risk your health for the sake of looks. You should be equipped with adequate knowledge/information about a certain weight loss techniques or methods before you make your decision.

The Top 5 Foods That Burn The Most Fat

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Foods That Burn The Most FatAre you tired of exercising harder and harder and still getting the same results? If your answer is yes, you’re probably eating the wrong foods. Most people who exercise regularly don’t pay attention to what they eat because they have this notion that they will burn the food during their exercise sessions. This shouldn’t be the case. What you eat counts a lot when it comes to losing weight even when you are exercising. You can’t expect to lose weight fast if you haven’t stopped eating fatty unhealthy foods. Even if you are exercising hard, unhealthy fatty foods will slow down your weight loss pace. You must therefore watch what you put in your mouth !

10 Superfoods For Preventing Cancer

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Superfoods-For-Preventing-CancerCancer is one of the major health challenges in our society today. I think this risl has increased due to the lifestyles that many people have adopted. For instance, very few people pay attention to what they eat. Consumption of unhealthy foods i.e. fast foods and processed foods has skyrocketed over the past few years. According to recent statistics, Americans spend over 100 billion annually on fast foods. This is a very shocking statistic considering processed foods play a very significant role in causing cancer because of their ingredients. The popularity of fast foods can be attributed to commercialism. We are told to eat certain these foods if…..

The 7 Best Foods For Burning Belly Fat

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Best-Foods-For -Burning-Belly-FatBurning belly fat is one of the most difficult tasks in weight loss. Many people have tried in vain to lose belly fat. There are loads of fad diets and weight loss products for sale online, and in stores. However most of these products and diets don’t work.

Instead of wasting your time and money on highly commercial products and diets, why not consider first, a few effective alternatives.