How to Prevent Muscle Cramps

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how to prevent muscle crampsMost of us have experienced muscle cramps at one time or another. They can range from something that is mildly annoying to very painful spasms that can last for several minutes. They can come without warning, putting a halt to your exercise or activity.

What causes muscle cramps and how can we prevent them?

What is Foam Rolling?

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What Is Foam Rolling?You may have seen this while you were working out at your gym. People rolling their body parts on a piece of foam. They are doing what we call foam rolling.

What is foam rolling and what are its benefits?

Foam rolling is used to treat myofascial pain, which is chronic pain of the muscles. This may be caused by overexertion of your muscles, injury, repetitive motions, and fatigue. If you are prone to feeling this type of pain, then you may try foam rolling.

Improve Your Health Through the 10,000 Steps Challenge!

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You have a job that requires you to sit on your chair throughout the whole day. The most active thing you probably do for the day is to get up, go to the pantry or cafeteria and eat your lunch. You may not realize it, but your lifestyle may be contributing to some of the health problems you have. You know it’s vital to include regular exercise to your daily habit but you find yourself giving excuses, such as lack of money and time, to keep you from going to the gym.

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of your sedentary lifestyle and start living a healthy life without having to break the bank for an expensive gym membership or equipment. All you need are your shoes, a pedometer and motivation.

How to Prevent Headaches after Working Out

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You’ve finally decided to start your goal of having a healthy lifestyle.  But on your first day of making changes, you encounter a problem. You know that exercise releases endorphin that could elevate your mood. But instead of that, working out has given you a throbbing headache. But don’t hang your running shoes just yet. There are ways that can help you prevent headaches after working out. I’ve listed some of  them here and see if doing so makes a difference the next time you work out.