Avoid 5 Unhealthy Habits if you want to increase Life Expectancy

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Unhealthy habits to AvoidNo one wants to grow old however; it is an inevitable process in life. According to numerous surveys on aging and life expectancy, most people would like to stop aging at 25 years. It is impossible to stop aging, however it is possible to increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. You however need to practice healthy habits to increase your chances.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Weight Loss

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Facts You Need To Know About Weigh LossMany people struggle to lose weight worldwide. Some people try losing weight using diets alone while others incorporate physical activities into their weight loss efforts. Different people want to lose weight for different reasons. For instance, there are those who want to lose weight to become healthy, while there are those who want to lose weight to look good. Most people who want to lose weight because of looks tend to go to extremes. It is important to note that some weight loss techniques/methods aren’t safe. You shouldn’t risk your health for the sake of looks. You should be equipped with adequate knowledge/information about a certain weight loss techniques or methods before you make your decision.

Outliving diabetes complications – who will help you?

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DiabetesIntroduction – what action is needed ?

If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes you are not alone. In the world it is estimated that about 350 million people are diabetics. Of which, about 25% remain undiagnosed.

Diabetes is incurable but it is treatable.

The problem is, you have the huge drug companies and their influence on the medical establishment, to fight against !
Their aim is to sell drugs not to save you.

In this short checklist I will inform you what action you need to take.

It is the mis information on blood sugar levels that leads to diabetes related complications.  These long term complications are fully preventable.

How To Take a Power Nap

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You’re in the middle of a big deadline, and you’re already anticipating going overtime at work and saying goodbye to eight hour sleeps. The problem is you find yourself feeling drowsy in the middle of the day, and the result is a loss of concentration on your work. One good thing you can do to restore energy and feel refreshed is to take a power nap.

What is a power nap?