Avoid 5 Unhealthy Habits if you want to increase Life Expectancy

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Unhealthy habits to AvoidNo one wants to grow old however; it is an inevitable process in life. According to numerous surveys on aging and life expectancy, most people would like to stop aging at 25 years. It is impossible to stop aging, however it is possible to increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. You however need to practice healthy habits to increase your chances.

One of the main reasons why many people die before reaching their full life expectancy age is because of unhealthy habits. Different countries have different life expectancies. For instance, in 2010, the life expectancy at birth in the U.S. was 78 years. Two years later, this figure is falling fast especially among certain age groups i.e. the youth. Researches attribute this to increased unhealthy habits among the youth. There are many unhealthy habits that these people practice that shorten their life spans. These habits in, most cases, are popularised by the media as being enjoyable activities however the truth is that they reduce life quality and longevity.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, you must stop engaging in the unhealthy habits listed below. They may seem enjoyable but they are known to reduce your life expectancy. Forget about those commercials promoting such unhealthy habits, they are only out to make money. I care about your health and I want you to live a long and healthy life. Below are some of the most common unhealthy habits that reduce your life expectancy.

1. Smoking: This is by far the worst unhealthy habit for reducing life expectancy. Smoking exposes a person to a variety of health problems. For instance, smoking increases the risk of getting a stroke and of contracting heart diseases. Smoking also causes cancer. If you want to avoid these health problems, you must quit smoking, otherwise you risk reducing your life expectancy. According to numerous studies, a 30 year old smoker has a life expectancy of 65 years while a 30 year old non smoker has a life expectancy of 83 years.

2. Drinking alcohol excessively: This is another unhealthy habit that reduces life expectancy. It is important to note that drinking alcohol moderately is OK according to numerous studies, however excessive alcohol consumption is unhealthy and lowers life expectancy. According to numerous studies, alcoholism reduces a person’s life expectancy by about 20 years. In some cases, alcoholism can reduce life expectancy by more than 20 years if you have health problems associated with drinking heavily i.e. brain impairment, liver disease, gastrointestinal bleeding e.t.c.

3. Poor diet: Eating unhealthy/poor diets is also among the main unhealthy habits that reduce a person’s life expectancy. Very many people eat fast foods. In the U.S. alone, the fast food industry is worth over $100 billion. These are shocking statistics considering the fact that most people are aware about the negative health effects of fast foods. You shouldn’t buy into those enticing fast food commercials that claim to offer ”healthy” fast foods. Fast food companies are only out to make profits at the expense of your health. Fast foods are known to cause lifestyle diseases i.e. obesity and cancer which reduce life expectancy by over 10 years. You should substitute fast foods with balanced diets packed with plenty of vegetables and fruits to live a longer and healthier life.

4. Inactivity: Another unhealthy habit that reduces your life expectancy is inactivity. You need to exercise at least 3 times a week to increase your life expectancy. According to recent statistics, only 30% of Americans do adequate exercise. These are shocking statistics given the health benefits of physical activities. Exercise brings health. The more exercise we get, the healthier we become which translates to living longer. Lack of exercise causes the joints and muscles to work poorly. If you don’t exercise regularly, you will pay for it when you are older. According to numerous studies, inactivity increases the risks of getting chronic diseases i.e. heart disease, cancer, obesity and stroke among many other life threatening diseases.

5. Failure to go for regular health checkups: This is another unhealthy habit that reduces the life expectancy of many people. Undergoing health checkups regularly i.e. cancer screening helps in early detection and treatment which in turn increases life expectancy. Although going for regular health checkups is expensive, it is always advisable because it helps in increases life expectancy.
In summary, you have to avoid all the above unhealthy habits if you want to live longer. It is possible to find enjoyable healthy substitutes for the above unhealthy habits. For instance, instead of drinking and smoking socially, you can decide to do engaging outdoor events i.e. playing soccer, swimming e.t.c. You can also find healthy substitutes for junk foods i.e. natural juices and fruits. If you are really serious about living a long healthy life, you shouldn’t have a problem eliminating unhealthy habits in your lifestyle.

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