What is protein and why do we need it in our diet?

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protein-foodsWhat comes into  your mind when you hear the word protein? How about when you are advised to drink a high protein shake or follow a high protein diet? You may be hearing the word protein over and over again but don’t really know what protein is and whether it is something necessary in our diet.

The Top 5 Foods That Burn The Most Fat

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Foods That Burn The Most FatAre you tired of exercising harder and harder and still getting the same results? If your answer is yes, you’re probably eating the wrong foods. Most people who exercise regularly don’t pay attention to what they eat because they have this notion that they will burn the food during their exercise sessions. This shouldn’t be the case. What you eat counts a lot when it comes to losing weight even when you are exercising. You can’t expect to lose weight fast if you haven’t stopped eating fatty unhealthy foods. Even if you are exercising hard, unhealthy fatty foods will slow down your weight loss pace. You must therefore watch what you put in your mouth !

10 Superfoods For Preventing Cancer

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Superfoods-For-Preventing-CancerCancer is one of the major health challenges in our society today. I think this risl has increased due to the lifestyles that many people have adopted. For instance, very few people pay attention to what they eat. Consumption of unhealthy foods i.e. fast foods and processed foods has skyrocketed over the past few years. According to recent statistics, Americans spend over 100 billion annually on fast foods. This is a very shocking statistic considering processed foods play a very significant role in causing cancer because of their ingredients. The popularity of fast foods can be attributed to commercialism. We are told to eat certain these foods if…..

The 7 Best Foods For Burning Belly Fat

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Best-Foods-For -Burning-Belly-FatBurning belly fat is one of the most difficult tasks in weight loss. Many people have tried in vain to lose belly fat. There are loads of fad diets and weight loss products for sale online, and in stores. However most of these products and diets don’t work.

Instead of wasting your time and money on highly commercial products and diets, why not consider first, a few effective alternatives.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

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Essential vitamins and mineralsWe know that our bodies need vitamins and minerals. But do you really know what benefits they give for us?

Vitamins are organic. They come from plants and animals. The word vitamin comes from two words, vital meaning essential and amine, relating to amino acids.

There are two types of vitamins, fat soluble and water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are found mostly in different types of fatty foods. Some examples of these are butter, vegetable oil, dairy and oily fish. Although these types of vitamins are essential for a healthy body, you don’t need to eat fatty foods every day. That’s because our bodies’ store these vitamins in our liver when not immediately needed.

Know the Food You are Eating

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Know the Food You are EatingThe festive holidays are fast approaching and with it the holiday feasts. You may think that you are eating a healthy meal because of the way it looks, but you may not realize that food can look good, taste good, but it really is not good for you.

You should know the components of the food you eat. Knowing the glycemic index and glycemic load of the foods you eat can be helpful. The glycemic index ranks the amount of carbihydrates found in foods and the extent of how they raise our blood sugar levels.