How to Reduce Stress in Just 5 Minutes a Day?

Written by Mikko on . Posted in Healthy Mind

reduce-stressThe easy way to reduce stress is to do a little meditation for moment during the day. Just breathe! It won’t take too much of your time. You don’t need any meditation tapes or special equipment. The best thing about this? It’s free! You only need to the ability to breathe(and a of couple minutes of your time). This one of the easiest ways to feel better.


Mental Activity Keeps Brain Fit

Written by Mark Davis on . Posted in Healthy Mind

Mental Activity Keeps Brain FitBrain fitness is a relatively new term. It states that the brain’s cognitive functions can be maintained and improved through exercising it. Much like our bodies can benefit from regular physical exercises, so can our brains with regular mental exercises !

When your brain is fit, you have great brain function   capacity to meet the different needs of your life. Some of these functions include reasoning, understanding new information and learning new things.

How to develop positive habits?

Written by Mikko on . Posted in Healthy Mind

How to develop positive habits?Getting positive habits or changing old habits can sometimes be a extremely hard and long road. If you have done something in one way for many years, it is not easy then to switch to another way. It does not happen overnight or not even within a week. It could take a few months and even then it is possible to revert to the old habits.