Two Important Reasons Why You Should Celebrate International Women’s Day 2013

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Womens dayInternational Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year on March 8th. There are two main reasons why you should celebrate international women’s day this year. These reasons revolve around recognizing the progress and continuing the fight for women’s rights. Most people today celebrate International Women’s Day for the wrong reasons because the media and marketeers have commercialised the celebrations to make profit. International Women’s day isn’t about selling popular attire and banners to make profit. It is time to appreciate where women have come from and continue the fight for womens empowerment. So why should you celebrate International Women’s Day this year ?

4 Things you need to do to benefit from the Year of the Snake

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Year of the SnakeThe Chinese New Year (CNY) is celebrated by millions of Chinese in China and around the world. This year’s CNY celebrations began on 10th February 2013 and are expected to end on 25th February 2013. The 2013 CNY celebrations ring in the Year of the Snake (YOS).

Coconut oil for face? The best natural cream!

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Get beautiful skin through coconut oilCaring for your face can sometimes be a struggle. No matter how many products you use, and there are some very expensive ones out there, your face still ends up with acne or rashes. But did you know that you can find a solution to your “face”  problems right in your cupboard?

The answer: coconut oil.

Coconut has long been a source of food for many tropical countries. In the Malay language,  its name means the tree of a thousand uses, while in the Philippines, it is called the tree of life because of the many uses and benefits. Now, they have found another use of coco nut oil  that is making its way into many women’s daily beauty regimen.

How can coconut oil benefit your skin?

Never Leave the Playground

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You should train for Balance, Stability and Coordination what ever your age is and never stop playing. It’s never too late to start.