Two Important Reasons Why You Should Celebrate International Women’s Day 2013

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Womens dayInternational Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year on March 8th. There are two main reasons why you should celebrate international women’s day this year. These reasons revolve around recognizing the progress and continuing the fight for women’s rights. Most people today celebrate International Women’s Day for the wrong reasons because the media and marketeers have commercialised the celebrations to make profit. International Women’s day isn’t about selling popular attire and banners to make profit. It is time to appreciate where women have come from and continue the fight for womens empowerment. So why should you celebrate International Women’s Day this year ?

1. It is a time to recognize women’s progress

There is no doubt that women deserve the same opportunities as men. Looking at the role of women in society today is enough proof of the progress achieved by women over the past 200 years. Have you ever asked yourself what your great-great grandmother would say or think if she woke up today. What would be shocking to her? Would it be the fact that women today eat chicken and eggs or women now drive and own cars? There are definitely a lot of things that would shock her apart from the few I have mentioned above. It is obvious that women have come a long way compared to where they were in society over a century ago.

The things that were prohibited, impossible or thought abominable are now part of everyday life. There are concepts today such as gender equality that were unheard of just a few decades ago. Most women didn’t believe that they could do what men did however with time, women have gathered the courage to claim a spot that is rightfully theirs. Women have even gone beyond to prove that they can perform better than men when given equal opportunities.

Many years back, concepts such as gender equality were unheard of. There were in fact many instances where women were discriminated against and denied equal opportunities. For instance, career opportunities were based on gender. There was unequal pay, oppression and injustice. Women were considered inferior to men everywhere around the world. Concerned by the inequality, oppression and injustice, women slowly began to question the system and fight for the same opportunities as men. One by one women began to be recognized especially in the western world.

Things however didn’t change much in Africa as a result of strict traditions and cultures. As women in the western world gained mileage, African women lagged behind as a result of following traditions and cultures which defined gender relations i.e. women should let their husbands make decisions on their behalf, girls should stay at home and do house chores while boys were the ones who attended school

Through numerous gatherings and demonstrations initiated by a few enlightened African women, women in Africa began to slowly break away from limiting cultures and traditions to join their counterparts in the west in the fight for equality. There are very many educated African women today carrying on the fight by rescuing women from primitive traditions and cultures to help them realize their potential.

Today things are different. Women no longer need to fight as hard to enjoy the fruits of equality. Women need to recognize their progress which is why the International Women’s Day is a very important day.

2. It is important to continue the fight

Although most women today enjoy equal opportunities, the fight for womens empowerment isn’t over. There are still many women around the world who are still oppressed, they are denied basic rights like, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. In some countries in the Middle East such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, women still aren’t allowed to; express themselves, wear what they want, air their views in public or interact with men freely. This clearly shows that there are still very many oppressed women.

A day like the International Women’s Day is therefore very important to highlight instances and places where women are still oppressed around the world. This is very important in ensure that the fight against womens oppression continues until there is equality for everyone. You must therefore celebrate International Women’s Day this year because the fight for equality is still relevant.

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