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10 Superfoods For Preventing Cancer

Written by James on . Posted in Healthy food

Superfoods-For-Preventing-CancerCancer is one of the major health challenges in our society today. I think this risl has increased due to the lifestyles that many people have adopted. For instance, very few people pay attention to what they eat. Consumption of unhealthy foods i.e. fast foods and processed foods has skyrocketed over the past few years. According to recent statistics, Americans spend over 100 billion annually on fast foods. This is a very shocking statistic considering processed foods play a very significant role in causing cancer because of their ingredients. The popularity of fast foods can be attributed to commercialism. We are told to eat certain these foods if…..

Top 10 Healthiest Berries

Written by Mark Davis on . Posted in Healthy food

Healthiest BerriesDo you love to eat berries? I’m sure you appreciate that berries are sweet and refreshing, and perfect for the summer. But did you know that recent studies show that berries have a lot of properties that can be beneficial for you? Here are the top ten berries that you should eat, and some suggestions on how to incorporate them in your diet.

Superfoods to Boost Your Health!

Written by Mark Davis on . Posted in Healthy food

Superfoods to Boost Your HealthWant to lower your risk of getting a heart disease and cancer? Do you want lower your cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, or just simply feel good from inside out? And no, you don’t need to have surgery, or take any kind of drug (yes, including vitamins!) for this to be achieved. It’s time for you to meet the superfoods!

What are superfoods? And what makes them super?